About BAA

Bangladesh’s Largest network of Registered Audiologists

Bangladesh Association of Audiologist

About BAA

Bangladesh’s Largest network of Registered Audiologists

Bangladesh Association of Audiologist

Welcome to BAA?

We are the officially recognised professional body, proudly representing over 320 audiologists working in independent and multi-site clinics in the Bangladesh.

Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of audiology care for our members and their patients. Your success is our priority!

Why join BAA?


Feed your curiosity, strengthen your skills and stay ahead with a range of free and subsidised continuing professional development activities.


Join a community of 3400+ professionals, working together to promote the importance of ear and hearing health nationally.


Explore a varied and rewarding program of education and training events and webinars throughout the year, supporting you in every stage of your career.


Add your voice to submissions and guidelines to government and industry, and help shape the future of the audiology professions. Join us without delaying.

Our Services

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Board Members

Tukir Rahman


Audiologist & SLP at Shono Bangladesh Hearing & Speech Clinic

S M Toufiq Abir

General Secretary

BSc in Audiology & SLP(5Yrs), MSc in ASLP (2 Yrs- OG), PISER-BUP.
Training on Cochlear Implant, Mumbai, India.

Shamem Ahamed

Vice President

B.Sc in Audiology & SLP (PISER-BUP)
Consultant Audiologist & Speech language Pathologist, Shono Bangladesh, Dhaka.


Vice President

Chief Consultant Audiologist & SLP at Shunte Chai Bogura Hearing & Speech Point.

What can BAA do for you?

Join us...

300+ Members

For the past years, we have been dedicated to supporting and providing guidance to private hearing care professionals. They have entrusted BSHAA as their professional body, benefiting from our specialised knowledge, extensive network, and access to the latest industry information. We are committed to continuing this tradition of support and excellence.

…and much, much more.

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